Happy 2015 To You

Yesterday on Twitter I saw a link to a story about a food critic who is facing some weight challenges.

I aspire to be more adept in the kitchen and I decided to embrace food (cooking it, eating it, etc.) instead of pretending it doesn’t exist just because we don’t get on very well.  With this in mind, I love following Eater and Chow and Food52 and a long list of food-blogging sites.

So, this food critic was discussing how people react to her job by saying, “…wow I wish I had your job!…”  And she said she loves her job, always good to hear, but there is a terrible dark side which is the calorie issue and her discussion of how she is making it all work is fascinating.

The part that resonated the most with me was the exercise part.  She is finding means of exercise that she can stick with.  This means varieties that are not only interesting to her, but also pleasant and that satisfy her.  In the past my efforts at exercise seemed hyper focused on meeting that sweet spot of efficiency.  The biggest bang for my exercise buck. And where am I now?  Not interval training.  Not lifting weights.  Not running very far.

I noticed that I actually like exercising if it is on my terms.  When I report to the gym or head out for a run with a definite goal in mind, it feels like a job and I hate it.  I think there is some merit to having a plan before entering the gym, but for me, getting to the gym is the plan.  Once I’m there, I kind of like looking around at what equipment is available and whether or not the “toys” (weights, straps, balls, etc.) appeal to me.  I like seeking out a good sweat and then heading back to my car feeling satisfied with myself.

I’m sort of doing the same with food.  I’m trying to eat when I’m hungry.  That’s my plan.  What I eat when I am hungry depends on what looks/sounds good to me at that moment and when I’m full, I want to stop.

This kind of “plan” feels the best, but it does require discipline to be successful.  I have to actually get to the gym or outside and I have to actually be hungry before I put something in my mouth.  Honestly, these two goals are so much more realistic than others I’ve set.  I suppose it is a resolution of sorts – something new to try – and I’m feeling happy about it at the moment.

PS – only gained back 3 of the 5 pounds I lost my first weeks on WW.  Not great, but not terrible and I’ve so far not eaten my way through 2015 like I did in December.


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