Been There, Done It, Doing it Again

I re-joined the gym.

A few months ago when I was wide open to the Universe to help me out of a prolonged funk, I had two epiphanies.  First, I declared that I detest dark chocolate and I don’t care how good for me it is, I refuse to eat another pip.  Ever.  Second, unless I was going to wet myself or there was some kind of emergency, no one should expect to see me out of bed in the morning before 6:00 am.  As soon as I made those declarations, I felt like a new woman.

The dark chocolate thing is neither here nor there, but the 6:00 reveille is.  I used to go to the gym at 4:45 so that I could arrive at 5, sweat it out and be home by 6 when I needed to get the men up and out of the house.  Yeah, no.  I was miserable and could not sustain that schedule.  Obvs.

This time around I’m hoping to use the gym when one or the other kid has a sports practice during the week or when I have an urge to sweat on the weekends.

I tried Yoga and really liked it, but not enough to stick with it.  The only thing I keep coming back to is running.  It give me feelings like nothing else has and I’d like to try to run at least a little bit every chance I get.

I have a little workout plan in mind to help me while I practice eating only when I’m hungry. I hope that setting very, very reasonable goals that I can find a health and fitness plan to hang on to for as long as I am mobile.

Since I joined in December it doesn’t count as a New Year’s Resolution, does it?


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