Cookie Dough Revisited

Having had yet a second encounter with a bowl of delicious gross cookie batter, and having a WW weigh in the following day, I’d like to clarify something.

You might argue that eating cookie batter or dough is gross and you’d probably be right, but this isn’t about preference and I don’t disagree.  This is about hunger and control, two tres important things that I completely forgot about ignored when I face planted into the bowl.  Twice.

I’ve been an over-eater, an under-eater, a vegetarian, an Adkins, a Paleo Primal whole foodie, a Weight Watcher and…I think that’s all.  I just want to be Megan Who Eats When She’s Hungry.

That super-cool badass chick eats whatever the heck she wants.  When she’s hungry.  And, because she’s the Ittest It Girl there is, she stops eating when she’s not hungry any more.

So, I’m not at all bent out of shape that I ate the cookie dough.  I loved it.  I’d like to eat it again.  But I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t stop.

While I blew my Points for the WW week by like 10, between some fattier meat and cookie dough binges, I expected to add a couple of pounds from my gluttony, but I didn’t.  According my trusty scale, I packed on about 8 ounces.  While I feel better about my body (starting to feel less chubby), I expected the gained weight to be a bit greater.


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