I had my second WW weigh-in day.  After the scale confusion I think I suffered at the beginning of all of this, I’m down a whopping 5 pounds.  Which is way more important than it looks.  I’m getting some confidence back and keeping a good record of my use of food for the future.

Numbers-wise, I’d like to see another 15-20 pounds disappear, but more importantly, I have a pair of pants – jeans actually – that when I put them on will fit in a certain kind of way and then I will know I’m where I want to be.  Once I get there, the real work begins.  Finding that sweet spot of not eating too much, but eating a bit more than I had been so as to stop the weight loss.  I have no idea how that will go, but I’m really paying attention.

Maybe I will dig out the pink shorts and when (see?  I said when!) I put them on and could walk out in public, then I’ll know I’m where I want to be.  It’s kind of funny…  Right this minute I can’t even imagine being fit or confident enough to ever put them on again.

But that would be just the coolest thing ever.


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