Body Beautiful

Over the weekend the kids and I ran a Jingle Bell 5k in downtown DC.  It was magical.  5,000 people turned out in every Christmas-themed costume imaginable – not just Christmas I should point out – I saw a few dreidles too.  We had bells on our shoes and there was Christmas music pumping from the speakers.  I wore a tutu.  It was so much fun and the shirt is a keeper.

After runners assemble at the start there is a lot of standing around and waiting.  As I stood self-consciously waiting to be called out as an impostor among real runners, I looked around me and appreciated all the diversity.  Kids.  Strollers.  Dogs.  Young adults, older adults.  Hard-core runners and teams of reindeer who were there for a good time and not a personal record.

As you might guess, I caught myself admiring the long, lean lycra’d legs, wishing for a moment that I was running in a muu muu so the “real” runners couldn’t see my pins.  34 minutes later, I expressed gratitude for my pins that helped me run – albeit slowly – the whole race.  It was the first time I’ve done that in a few years.  Just a gentle reminder that long and lean or short and substantial, my beautiful body works just as well as anybody else’s.



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