It’s really not sooo bad

I started blogging after an intriguing experience on my WW blog way back when.  I knew I was leaving WW, but I wasn’t ready to stop writing about what I was experiencing so I took up residence here.

Now that I’m back on WW, I’m blogging a bit there too, hoping that if I’m successful this time in losing some girth AND keeping it off that I will leave some informational nuggets for my future smaller self to refer to.

I hadn’t really paid attention to it before, but I think I cracked the WW code this time.  It is anti-fat of any kind and rather surprisingly, it doesn’t love grains, but it loves them more than I think it should. At first I thought I would continue eating a high fat, low carb diet.  I could adjust my food reporting (lie, basically) so that instead of eating a tasty piece of grass fed ribeye (4 Points) I’d report that I consumed but just an ounce or two of “eye of round, trimmed of fat” (zero Points).  And when it comes to yogurt, I could either give up my beloved full fat goat’s milk plain stuff (3 Points) or report that I’d eaten a cup of fat-free Yoplait (zero Points).  In other words, I imagined I would just beat the system.

Then I paused and realized that if I was so smart and my system was so fool proof, then why on earth am I squeezing into these erm…larger trousers and signing up for a weight-loss program that I publicly disparaged?  Hmmm?

So, at the store this weekend, I bought fat-free milk for my coffee and fat-free yogurt for my after dinner snack, if I needed one.  I haven’t had anything fat-free for a while so it is a new and not entirely flavorless experience.

Positive: I’m watching what I eat and trying to eat when I am truly hungry while eating more slowly.  I’m drinking more water (never was a soda girl no nothing to give up there) and trying to get activity points daily.

Negative: The fat-free yogurt I so proudly selected at the grocery is actually fat-free french vanilla.  (gag me)

The reality is that I’m trying to be someplace in the middle.  I’ll give up some fat, in particular the dairy department, but I probably won’t choose less rich cuts of beef.  I will introduce more fish and chicken and definitely more veggies (I may have over-reported my love of veggies in the past) and we will see how we go.  Butter is non-negotiable.

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